Video Creation with Voice Over & Video Backgrounds


Creating videos with voiceover and video backgrounds is a great way to promote sites, create advertising content, or simply spice up your website with some interesting content.  These videos can be a good way to grab or keep attention, and absolutely essential to direct more traffic to your website.

If you need a promotional, sales video for your company, website, video channel but you don’t want to be seen or heard in the video, I can help.

I am offering to do a professional
Video that includes various video backgrounds with music and voice over, you can have a male or female with an Australian, American or English accent.

All you need is a script for the voice over and I will do the rest.

I have a special offer of £25 for anything under an hour long. If you need longer you will need a higher package.

If you want video to be branded with your logo there will be an extra £10 charge to be added to unlimited videos.

If you order 3 videos I will allow you to have the shortest video for free.