Social Media Setup & Management


For any business, and especially for businesses that are based on the internet, well designed and managed social media accounts are incredibly important.  This is a good way to interact with potential clients, and they often have built in advertisement options for varying fees.  Managing these accounts can be time consuming though, so leaving it to experts is always a good idea.

We will setup Your Social Media Channel or many channels and manage making 20 Posts per month, We will also create promotional videos and setup Business Pages (Facebook) and perform ads with Business Pages (Facebook).

We offer installments on Products over £300, All prices are per month and the minimum term is 1 month.


Social Media Management (1 Channel) £179.00

Social Media Management + 4 Ads +  (1 Channel) £249.99

Social Media Management + 4 Ads +  (6 Channels) £249.99

Social Media Management +20 Ads +  (6 Channels) £1399